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Club Management

OSM - Club Management is developed for sporting clubs to manage members, volunteers, teams and players. The flexible fee management and payment schedules provide the club secretary with an effective financial management solution from a few dozen to a few thousand club members. OSM - Club Management works for individual and team sports.

The major features of OSM - Club Manager are:

  • Flexible Definition of Fees
  • Flexible Payment Plans and Methods
  • Monthly, quarterly, annual
  • Checks, Credit Cards, Direct Debit
  • Automated payments using Credit Card or Direct Debit
  • Delinquent Payment Notices
  • Email Manager to send emails to current, previous or uploaded email lists. Beacon used to get open results.
  • Create Monthly News Letters and use EMail Manager to send them to your members.
  • League Management
  • Event Management
  • Integration of OSM - Online Store for products sales during and after registration
  • Extensive Financial Reporting
  • Manage transfers between clubs
  • Performance Statistics for Participants (current and historical)
  • Dynamic Web site



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