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League Manager

Creating and managing your Leagues are easy with OSM - League Manager. We provide a simple process for you to create leagues and divisions. OSM - League Manager also provides you with the capability to manage your fields. These robust features are integrated with the scheduling component to allow you to specify which fields and which times a league or division will play its competitions. This feature ensures that teams are playing on the right sized field and have game times according to their age group.


The major features of OSM - League Manager are:

  • Flexible Definition of Fees
  • Complete registration management for teams and participants
  • Rainout and Rescheduling Notifications
  • Automatic Scheduling and Manual Updating of schedules
  • Field and Slot Management
  • Multiple Divisions under Leagues
  • Email Manager to send emails to current, previous or uploaded email lists. Beacon used to get open results.
  • Historical tracking of participants
  • Financial Management and online payment acceptance (Cash, Credit Cards, Check, EFT)
  • Suspended Player Management
  • Integrated Team Management - Used by teams email, roster updates, schedules
  • Standings and Scores
  • Handles double headers in scheduling, automatically
  • Tournament Brackets (Single and double elimination, manual or auto seed)



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